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Volunteer service at CYDC includes a broad range of areas. Opportunities focus on building healthy relationships with children, creating a strong foundation for our programs, and grounds and campus facility needs. Individuals and groups are needed throughout the year to assist CYDC in meeting the needs of our children and the program. Below are all our current volunteer opportunities.

Store House Volunteer:
Our Store House at our North Charleston campus is where we store toys, games, clothes, and hygiene products for our residents as well as our community families. Volunteers can come in during a scheduled time to assist with organizing and sorting donation inventory and making sure the space is clean and tidy.

Facilities Maintenance Volunteer:
Facilities Maintenance volunteers can serve on either of our campuses during a scheduled time and will assist with necessary campus maintenance, clean-up, or beautification.

Special Event Volunteer:
Special Event volunteers can come in to assist with or organize an event on either of our campuses for our residents. Special Event volunteers can also help out at some of our annual fundraising events.

Afterschool Volunteer:
Afterschool volunteers serve during our afterschool program hours (typically 5:30-6:30 pm), Monday through Friday. Groups or individuals can come and interact with CYDC residents by providing activities likes special skills demonstrations, life skills seminars, or career-building classes. MUST BE 25 OR OLDER.

Saturday School:
This opportunity is for groups or individuals interested in hosting a hands-on workshop surrounding a particular skill or project. The workshops occur within the window of 10 am to 2 pm on Saturdays. MUST BE 25 OR OLDER.

Guest Speaker Fridays:
The guest speaker series takes place every Friday evening at the Callen Lacey Campus in Moncks Corner. We are looking for motivating individuals with a story to share. Whether that be sharing your experiences in your field, career inspiration, a panel discussion, hosting a Q&A, or motivational speaking. Our youth would love to hear from you in a way that inspires and energizes them to dream big for their own future! MUST BE 25 OR OLDER.

Volunteer Requirements:

  • Must be 25 or older if volunteering with the residents
  • Must sign a Confidentiality Form upon arrival of volunteer activity
  • Must sign a Confidentiality Form
  • Must scan Driver’s License upon arrival of volunteer activity

Once we have received the application, a CYDC staff member will be in contact with you.