Shaquille’s Story

Shaquille, 13,* has come leaps and bounds since he first arrived at Carolina Youth Devlopment Center’s Callen-Lacey Center for Children’s residential shelter on May 9, 2015. 

Shaquille, far left, guarding the ball, playing basketball with volunteers during his birthday celebration.

At first, the tragic experiences he had endured when he lived with his family caused him to act out and misbehave, and his negative attitude led to struggles with his studies at Berkeley Middle School (BMS).

However, after working with staff and after school tutors with our community partners at the Berkeley County School District, his work ethic vastly improved.

Shaquille now makes A’s and B’s at school, his behavior has turned around, and he has become more helpful with staff and the other children. 

He loves to play hoops, and recently made the BMS basketball team. His fellow peers at Callen-Lacey enjoy coming to the games to cheer him on and show their support.

Making the team has provided him further incentive to study hard, and Shaquille typically hits the books as soon as he arrives home from school. He has set goals for himself to become successful and to apply himself in many areas in his life.

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*Not his real name