Lindsay Graduates, Inducted into NCHS Hall of Fame

Today we are beaming with the pride as we celebrate the graduation of one of our amazing and talented youth Lindsay,* who received her diploma from North Charleston High School.

Lindsay graduated sixth in her class and was recognized with the Hall of Fame Award, a Shawnta graduaiton diploma 6prestigious award based on a combination of grades, extracurricular activities and outstanding moral character. Lindsay’s induction into the NCHS Hall of Fame class of 2017 means she will forever be remembered for her achievements and accolades at the school!

Additionally, during the ceremony Lindsay presented the senior class award of $1,000 to the Charleston nonprofit Stand for Haiti as part of her fundraising work as a Senior Board member. As if that wasn’t already enough, Lindsay was also recognized as a Life Scholars scholarship nominee.

A bright future lies ahead for Lindsay, who will be attending Clemson University’s Microbiology Program in the fall where she plans to study to become a Neonatal Nurse.

However, Lindsay’s plans didn’t always seem so certain. She arrived at CYDC’s campus in December 2015, coming from a home where there allegations of abuse involving a sibling. CYDC provided Lindsay with the stable and supportive environment she needed to stay on course in her academics.

Staff and mentors worked with Lindsay to complete her college applications and ensured she had access to our Bakker Career Center computer lab whenever she needed to complete school papers and projects.

Over the summer, she will be staying at CYDC and working a full-time job before CYDC staff help her move into her college dorm in August.

Please join us in congratulating Lindsay on these fantastic achievements and like, comment and share this blog to help wish her luck.

*Not her real name