FUNdraiser Tool Kit

At Carolina Youth Development Center, one of the most powerful methods of raising fund, and awareness is through you, our supporters.

You are our strongest advocates.

Your family, friends co-workers, and neighbors want to know what’s important to you. They want to hear from you about who CYDC and how they can help.

This FUNdraiser Tool Kit will help you set up your own Facebook fundraiser.

Thank you for being our champion!

CYDC is here for you every step of the way. If you have any questions, please reach out to a member of the Development Team at 843-266-5200 or

Try one of these cover photos for your FUNdraiser!

PCs: Right click the image and click Save Image. Upload it when you create your FUNdraiser! 

Mobile Devices: Hold down on the image and click Download Image. Upload it when you create your FUNdraiser! 

FUNdraiser details

How much should my goal be?

Don’t think about how much you THINK you can raise, think about how much you WANT to raise!

When should your FUNdraiser end?

We suggest a 2 week window for your campaign. If your FUNdraiser is to celebrate a milestone, anniversary, birthday etc, then consider that date to be either your kick off date, your end date, or your halfway point.

What’s the title of your campaign?

Use your name! Keep it simple or be creative.

Why are you raising money?

Tell your story! Your friends and family want to hear why CYDC is important to you. Personalize it by sharing an experience, idea or relationship.

Additional helpful tools