Director of Operations

Director of Operations

Under consultative direction of the CEO, the Director of Operations, is responsible for the oversight and effective management of the agency’s campuses and physical property, human resources, information technology, equipment and security systems. The Director of Operations will supervise staff in the areas of Human Resources, Information Technology, Facilities, Dietary Services, and Housekeeping.

The Director of Operations will staff the Board Facility Committee and will prepare accurate and timely reports for Board review. The position is responsible for creating and managing a cost effective purchasing and inventory control system, overseeing all facility maintenance and upkeep, supervising staff responsible for the maintenance, repairs, cleanliness and safety of CYDC campuses. Responsibilities will include coordination of regular inventories and audits of CYDC’s physical property and campuses.

The Director of Operations will collaborate with the CEO to staff the Board Human Resource Committee and is responsible for developing, implementing, overseeing and directing policies and procedures as they relate to Human Resources. The Director is also responsible for providing oversight and support to ensure the administration of all employee benefits, annual performance management and merit increase system, risk management and ensuring that all training and documentation requirements are met for licensing and accreditation.

The Director of Operations will oversee the effective administration of Information Technology equipment and systems to ensure safety and security.  The Director of Operations will collaborate with the Development and Finance teams to provide budget and progress reports as needed for funding sources and develop an annual budget request to present to the CEO. In addition, the Director of Operations will develop policies and procedures needed to meet necessary standards.

The Director of Operations will promote the spirit of teamwork, demonstrating the ability to be a good colleague, strive to continuously improve the quality of the agency and self; accept cultural and individual differences, uphold the vision and mission of the agency and actively participate in agency initiatives to achieve these goals.


To apply, send a resume with a cover letter to Human Resources, 5055 Lackawanna Blvd. North Charleston, SC 29405, Fax: 843-266-5201, or via email to