CYDC Therapist

Supervisor: VP of Community Based Services


Position is responsible for the effective development and coordination of the care process for clients referred for Out-Patient Mental Health Services and develops Individual Plan of Cares (IPOC).  The Therapist ensures that all documentation is completed in a timely manner, helps develop the behavior intervention program, and provides individual, group, and family counseling to clients.  The therapist will provide behavior intervention supervision to residential Case Managers and Life Skills Specialists to ensure clients are provided with a safe and optimal learning environment and performs other job duties as assigned by the VP of Community Based Services

1. Direct Behavior Intervention: Initiates individual and/or family counseling sessions with clients utilizing recognized therapeutic interventions. Also develops and facilitates group counseling sessions.   35%
2. Assessment: Ensures that an assessment is completed with all residential clients upon admission and that the individual, emotional, and behavioral needs of the clients are effectively addressed through the development of the IPOC. Effectively promotes the family’s involvement in the child’s comprehensive assessment process. Identifies and assesses family related barriers to reunification and develops a family Care plan.   25%
3. Case Management: For youth residing at CYDC provides information regarding progress toward Individual Plan of Care. Coordinates client services internally with Residential Case Managers. Ensures appropriate planning and follow up services for discharged clients.   4. Documentation: Reviews clients’ records weekly to ensure that records reflect timely, thorough and objective documentation of client assessment, staff interventions, and behavior intervention benefit of all activities. Documentation to include: Individual Plan of Cares, therapy notes, assessments, Kaleidacare database, and other documentation as required. Reads and maintains an active knowledge of all CYDC Policies and Procedures and provides feedback and supervision to staff to ensure that all documentation is accurate.   15%                     15%
5. Training: Participates in internal meetings and minimally obtains required training such as CPR, First Aid, Non-violent Crisis Intervention, Blood-borne Pathogens, Orientation, and other mandatory training, as directed by HR and VP of Community Based Services. Actively seeks out training that builds skills in the assessment and service of the client population.   5%
6. Teamwork, Quality Improvement, and Cultural Sensitivity: Promotes the spirit of teamwork. The Therapist will demonstrate the ability to be a good colleague and will strive to continuously improve the quality of the agency, self, and physical environment of CYDC.  These competencies will be carried out in order to increase the efficiency of programs.  The Therapist accepts cultural and individual differences, upholds the vision and mission of the agency.  The Therapist is an active participant in all agency initiatives to achieve these goals.   5%

Contacts: Will work within the agency with clients, families, peers and supervisors and with representatives of DSS, Mental Health, and other outside agencies, businesses, facilities, and community representatives.

Decision Making Authority: Must possess the ability to make sound decisions based on CYDC Policies and Procedures and weigh all factors of good judgment understanding that decisions could involve the protection and welfare of abused and neglected children. Must make decisions related to the appropriateness and extent of family involvement.

Major Challenges:

  1. To develop and supervise an effective, time limited service process with children and families who have experienced significant trauma and/or have extensive mental health issues
  2. To provide objective services to clients and their families.
  3. Utilizing good time management skills and functional ability to multi-task.

Functional Knowledge: Senior

Type of Knowledge Required: Must possess the knowledge, experience and cultural sensitivity necessary to work with a diverse population of traumatized children and families and have the ability to develop well-rounded behavior interventions.

Education and Specific Training: Master’s degree in the field of social work, counseling, psychology, or other license-eligible related field of human services. TF-CBT trained therapist with an Independent Licensure as a: LPC, LMFT, LISW

Experience Level: Master’s Degree in Psychology, Counseling, Social Work, Child Development or other related field preferred, plus a minimum of three years experience

Responsibility Level: Works independently under the direction of the VP of Community Based Services. Follow established Policies and Procedures.

Supervisory Responsibility: NA

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