Chantelle’s Story

Jaszmin photo 2
Chantelle touring the Art Institute dorms on December 5.

Chantelle,* a victim of neglect by her mother and boyfriend, has bloomed under the compassionate care of Callen-Lacey Center, who rave about her determination to further herself and her motivation to succeed. Living in a safe and protective environment has allowed her to focus on creating a better life for herself, and she has excelled academically. She graduated from Berkeley High School in December as part of their early-out program and will begin classes at the Art Institute of Charleston on January 11.

Her ambitions include opening a restaurant and starting her own clothing line after majoring in Culinary Arts and minoring in Fashion Design. Her passion for cooking derives from observing that meals bring people together; she hopes her dishes will bring more people together and make them happy.

While the prospect of earning a good living and improving her quality of life are key motivators, something else drives Chantelle. With growing confidence, she declares “I want to show [the doubters] that it doesn’t matter where you came from, you can still succeed.”