After-School Tutor

After-School Tutor

The After-School Tutor will help students learn by, reviewing content with students, explaining how to solve problems and checking completed work. The After-School Tutor may also help students develop study skills and organization techniques to help improve their academic performance which may be done in a one-on-one or group setting. Tutors will keep records of students’ afterschool program attendance and individual academic progress and share those reports with supervisors, teachers and parents. In addition to supporting student academics, the Afterschool Tutors is responsible for supervising groups of students during the program by providing discipline and serving as a role model. 

The After-School Tutor is responsible for providing a safe, nurturing and optimal learning environment for all youth participating in the programs.


To apply, send a resume with a cover letter to Human Resources, 5055 Lackawanna Blvd. North Charleston, SC 29405, Fax: 843-266-5201, or via email to