Missing Home: Please Support Our Children This Holiday

K-Con, Inc. employees Liz Dennis, Susan Lorance and Eric Combs posing with Desiree’s painting, which adorns the wall of their North Charleston office.

Some of us may take for granted that the holidays mean gathering with family and friends and exchanging warm hugs and presents.

However, the holidays can also be a challenging time of year, especially for our children living at Carolina Youth Development Center.

It weighs heavy on their hearts to know that they will be away from their families during Christmas.

This poignant work of art (photo right) painted by Desiree,* created as a special gift to thank our friends at K-Con, Inc., epitomizes the emotions that our children experience when the holidays arrive.

Photo caption: K-Con, Inc. employees Liz Dennis, Susan Lorance and Eric Combs posing with Desiree’s painting, which adorns the wall of their North Charleston office.


Desiree’s painting hanging up on the wall in K-Con’s office.

The painting depicts the tears of a young woman (Desiree) falling into a river that flow through a beautiful countryside landscape beset with mountains as a backdrop.

There is beauty that surrounds her in the form of caring CYDC staff and volunteers, yet her heart still aches to be with her family.

We are grateful we can be here to welcome and support children like Desiree, ensuring that they have everything they need and plenty of fun activities to keep their minds occupied over winter break.

But state funding only covers a portion of our daily expenses, and we rely on the generosity of donors to help make our cottages a warm and inviting home for our children who have endured so much, whether sexual or physical abuse, neglect or abandonment.

Please remember to donate at over the holidays and give the gift of hope to a child.

Photo caption: Desiree’s painting hanging up on the wall in K-Con’s office.

*To protect the privacy of a child, a pseudonym has been used.