Happy Birthday to CYDC!

On October 18, 1790, the city of Charleston passed an ordinance that established the Charleston Orphan House for the purpose of supporting and educating the city’s orphaned youth. The non-profit officially changed its name to the Carolina Youth Development Center in 1978 but continued its long-practiced mission of protecting children, empowering families and preparing youth for adulthood.

For nearly two and a half centuries, CYDC has served South Carolina children and families. CYDC’s Birthday Bash was held virtually on our Facebook page from October 13th-18th and include the ribbon cutting on their new George Williams Family Support Center.

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Celebrating 230 Years!

“Children and families are the heartbeat of CYDC.  They always have been and they always will be.  230 years ago we were the place, we were here for kids who had no place to go. Our doors were open through floods, and wars, hurricanes, earthquakes, and even pandemics — our doors were open — when no one else’s doors were open, ours were. Today we’ve expanded our mission and we are still the open door place for kids and families.” — Beverly Hardin, CEO. 

Over the past two centuries, our organization has withstood earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, wars and pandemics. Through it all our doors have remained open to children and families experiencing crisis.

This year, as we celebrate our organization’s 230-year history in the Lowcountry, we are expanding services and programs to support even more children and families. 

To those who have already joined us in our mission, we say, “Thank you!” To those who have not yet had a chance to see our campus, and learn about our vision for children and families in the Lowcountry, we are excited to share new videos with you.  

Last year CYDC served over 800 families across the Lowcountry. Despite a pandemic and heavy financial losses resulting from cancelled events and economic downturn, our doors have remained open to foster youth and our preventative services team has been providing in-home assessments.

Looking ahead, CYDC’s newly opened Family Support Center, will allow us to serve even more clients in need, by providing a place for youth and families in our community to access individual and family therapies, parenting classes, grief support groups and more. 

This building will serve as a place of healing and learning for our community, for years to come, bringing our vision to life- ensuring that all children will have loving and stable families and a nurturing community empowering them to lead successful lives. 

If you’re already a CYDC supporter, THANK YOU! If you would like to learn more or find out how you can join others in supporting our 230-year legacy, please visit cydc.org/get-involved or cydc.org/donate to make an immediate contribution! 

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